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Should have accepted different surveys about these Headphones being uncomfortable for expanded use. The sound is alright, much superior to anything earbuds, however they do truly get uncomfortable to wear for 60 minutes. I trust the issue is because of its roundabout configuration. Regardless of how you position the Headphones, some a player in it will undoubtably press against your ear, which gets to be deplorable to wear after for a moment.
I as of late obtained another blue tooth remote Headphones for my child's birthday ( and I need to say the distinction is night and day. The Sentey-Headphones sound better, as well as more agreeable to wear. The principle distinction between the Sentey Headphones and the P6 (other than the sound quality) is the state of the Sentey Headphones. Not at all like the P6, the Sentey Headphones are oval formed, which take into account over the ear fit, rather than pushing on the ear like the P6.
I was so inspired with the Sentey Headphones, I obtained one for myself. The P6 is currently simply sitting on a rack gathering dust. In case you're thinking about getting the P6, be cautioned they truly are uncomfortable to wear for any expanded timeframe. Go to the best earbuds under 50